Lumpy Sidings


Lumpy Sidings is not intended or designed to be an operational layout, so I was initially reluctant to even give it a name other than "O Gauge Test Bed", but whilst discussing the project with friends it soon became obvious that it needed some sort of unique identity, so Lumpy Sidings was born.

Its purpose is to :

And all without the pressures of having to get it "finished" for a forthcoming exhibition.

The completed layout is to be capable of erection in less than 30 seconds (no bolts) and fit into a Renault Clio for transport. It should also appear unobtrusive when erected in a domestic environment, immune from the effects of storage in a garage (dust and damp), and make as little use as possible of newly-purchased materials.

This web site is to be a record of "how I did it" and will feature (hopefully) regular updates. It will not necessarily feature the best way of doing a job, just the way I did it.

After Lumpy Sidings...

When the series of tests is completed then it might begin to look something like an operable layout, but hopefully by then there will be enough rolling stock, knowledge and experience to actually start construction of Bow Locks (say it quickly...) or Poplar Creek. This eventual layout (and hence applicable to many aspects of Lumpy Sidings) will be: